Current projects.

In conjunction with the Thomas Theyer Trust, we will be holding the ‘White Hall Wiggle’ on Sunday April 28th, 2024.
The Wiggle is a tough but exhilarating multi terrain race covering 6.5-miles, including 1,364 feet of ascent, accompanied by stunning views of the Peak District. It starts from White Hall Outdoor Education Centre, does a figure of 8 loop down through Combs village, and back up to White Hall.
It is open to anyone over the age of 18 and there are prizes to be won.
All proceeds go to support the work of the Thomas Theyer Foundation and the Friends of White Hall Centre charities.

Wiggle run

To enter and/or get more information just follow the link to ‘nifty entries,’


Stand-Up Paddle boards (SUPs)

Stand Up Paddle boards
The Friends of White Hall Centre are pleased to confirm that sufficient funds have been raised for the Centre to be able to purchase 9 Stand-up paddle boards to complement its existing fleet of kayaks and canoes.

The funds, in excess of £5,400, were raised by a combination of grants and personal donations.

SUPs are inflatable but robust. They are therefore easier to transport than canoes and kayaks.
They are easier to get on and off, especially after capsizing and this can be of significant benefit to those lacking in confidence and those with poor mobility. They can be paddled from a sitting or standing position and can also be used by multiple occupants. The Centre’s staff already have the appropriate skills and training to support SUP users and their purchase will enable the Centre to have more groups on the water at any one time.


We are now raising money to purchase two Giant SUPs. These are extra-large boards; big and strong enough for several participants to ride at once. We anticipate up to 8 children, (depending on size of children), at a time to effectively paddle and manoeuvre a giant SUP. The activity is an excellent opportunity for the development of teamwork, coordination and confidence building and the board can also be more readily adapted for wheelchair users. Estimated cost is £1750.


































Crate-stacking Activity

Thanks to a generous grant from the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund the crate-stack activity is now up and running at White Hall.

Here’s what some of the children thought of it,

“That was so much fun, the anticipation of the crates falling made my heart race with excitement and nerves.”

“I loved that, the higher we went the higher I wanted to go.”

“Now that is something I've never done before, but I've always wanted to after seeing it on YouTube.”

“It was really scary but I'm proud of how high I got the crates.”

And here is what their teacher thinks about it,

“WOW! What can I say, the children loved it.

From a teacher/staff/school point of view; we loved it and thought it was a really valuable activity as it involved all of the group all of the time., nobody was stood watching. It was a great activity for encouraging teamwork, as the task depended on all aspects of the activity being completed for it to be successful. It developed communication skills like no other activity the children have participated in as everyone was suddenly talking to each other whilst they planned their task and roles. The children developed their confidence with heights at a good pace, a pace that allowed them to become confident with the new height before they climbed even higher. The activity was exceptional in allowing children to direct and lead their groups learning - children appeared to respond really well to their peers - which was great for developing the children's confidence in leadership skills. Respect was also evident throughout this activity as all children were responding to each other and a passion for adventure was clearly evident as there was so much laughter within the group. The only negative was that the children did not want to finish the activity.”

(Jo Lenthall, Primary teacher)

Thanks again to the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund.


White Hall     White Hall 

Storage space

The purchase of the SUPs and the crate-stacking activity caused problems of storage. Thanks again to the grant from the Tarmac Landfill Communities Fund the Centre has been able to purchase ‘flat pack’ storage space to accommodate all the extra equipment.

Wet Suits

The purchase of the SUPs has resulted in more water-based activities being offered. Wet suits were therefore in short supply.

We are happy to report that the Centre has been able to purchase more wet suits thanks to a grant of £500 from the Derbyshire County Council, Councillor Initiative Fund, courtesy of councillor Jean Wharmby.